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Firearms UK is an online campaign aiming to protect gun ownership in the UK and to encourage unity and positive action within the shooting community.

Our website aims to provide a repertoire of news and information and to serve as an aide memoir for educating those on the fringes of our communities, such as friends and family members who are less knowledgeable about firearms and their use within the UK. Alongside this effort we intend to work towards increasing unity, support and cooperation within the shooting and hunting communities, and where necessary campaign to protect those communities and their associated rights.

Urgent or Important Updates

Firearms UK Merchandise

We are delighted to inform you that we now have some official merchandise to offer you, all proceeds from the sale of which will go to funding the Firearms UK organisation and our activities in support of firearms ownership and the shooting sports. You can place an order on our new ‘Merchandise’ page under the ‘Firearms UK’ menu at the top of the page. For more information see our blog post.

Something We’ve missed?

If you feel we have missed out on important or significant update, please drop us an e-mail at contact@firearmsuk.org with the details.

Other Updates & News

Amber Hill; The Face of JD Sports?

Amber Hill, The BBC’s Young Sports Personality of the Year for 2013 has an opportunity to be the face of JD Sports, and asks that you vote for her.

This is an opportunity that could help raise awareness of the shooting sports and clay shooting in particular, encouraging new people into the sport, even into competitive shooting. Please show your support by voting for her, thank you.

Lead Shot Campaign

The lead Shot Campaign has been setup as a proactive move by leading shooting and wildlife organizations to counter any potential calls for a complete ban on the use of lead shot. This campaign is designed to show and promote compliance with the current laws, as such it is hoped that this effort will counter any push for a total ban on lead on the grounds that existing legislation is inadequate. We are in full support of this effort and ask that all shooters and interested parties sign the campaigns declaration and promote this campaign. We exist to help promote unity and positive action within the shooting community, as such we are encouraged by the positive proactive steps and unity of all organizations involved, hopefully such collaborative efforts will become more common and get bigger and bigger.

The declaration has now been signed by over 10k people, please continue to sign, and promote this campaign, its importance cannot be underestimated, thank you.

Firearms UK

Firearms UK