Say No!

We have a little under 2 weeks left to respond to the Scottish Governments proposal to licence airguns.

We have to stand firm and refuse to accept this totalitarian principle.

The statistics do not justify any such move and it is simply another burden heaped upon law abiding gun owners in order for politicians to look good.

Gun owners in the whole of the UK have been the victims of several knee jerk reactions over the years.  It is time for us to say enough. No other minority group faces the same victimisation we do. Please lobby all your MSPS, MPs and local newspapers asking them to put a stop to this. Present them with the facts but also an emotional plea about how this will affect many working class people financially and stop many of them from taking up an enjoyable pastime.

Many will say it is public opinion that they have to follow even though public opinion has been manipulated and turned against shooting through years of lies and fear mongering. It is up to us to educate people on the real facts. If we continue to keep quiet then we shall have nothing left.

please sign the petition here :

And respond to the consultation here:

The No to Airgun Licensing facebook page:

Thank you


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