SARPA Response

SARPA’s response to the airgun licencing consultation in Scotland as now been published online, and is available here:

SARPA Response to Consultation


9 responses to “SARPA Response

  1. Whilst it is wholly laudable that SARPA have responded in a positive manner regarding their position on support for Shooting and opposition to the proposals in Scotland I do feel that in some of the responses they have, by offering suggestions on application and implementation of any proposal, stepped outside the spirit of the petition’s original intention when a simple ‘No’ and a reason why would have sufficed!

  2. I see your point, but as the Government seem to have already made up their mind, as well as consistently pointing out their opposition to the scheme as a whole, I do believe it is also important to highlight the failings of individual as it strengthens our case against the proposals and is a small fall back should these proposals be forced upon us.

  3. Yes, clearly the Scottish Parliament is starting from a premise that this is a ‘done deal’ and now looking for way in which to justify their position. I agree it is very important to highlight failings, whether they be, Organisations or Individuals but at the appropriate time. In any debate involving Political issues it is often more important to keep your powder dry for another day and not answer a question that has not been asked, much easier to challenge a stance than defend one, the timing can be as important as the message in some circumstances.

  4. Indeed, it is just a personal view!

  5. Scottish government is doing this just because they can and they should be ridiculed for it. Regulating the law abiding cannot possibly have any effect on crime. Most terrorists use mobile phones to detonate their bombs. So, if we all give up our mobiles, we shall be safe!! We are the only country in the civilized world where pistol shooting sport has been banned. That is where the democracy fails, because any “popular fool” can be elected to government.

  6. I have come to prefer the idea of a constitutional republic for that very reason Alex, peoples rights should not be won or lost based on who as the most popular speaker.

  7. We need a friendly Barrister who is a Shooter who would be happy to stand up and be counted to offer some real advice on some of these Constitutional questions. I doubt there is anyone out there brave enough! The cost means that we the private people of this country cannot challenge anything so we consequently have no access to Justice either, do we?

  8. I’m inclined to agree with you. It seems to be that politicians manipulate the situation to their liking, and the general public are left with very little means of actually challenging the laws and regulation they try and force upon us.

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