Fair and Democratic…?

New information and messages of support are still pouring in to the No to Airgun Licencing in Scotland Facebook Page. I took a screen shot of a couple of comments to highlight what we are dealing with… talk about a vision of fairness and democracy!

Fair and Democratic


2 responses to “Fair and Democratic…?

  1. I know nothing of how the proposal was arrived at because I have not follow the workings of the Scottish Parliament. Having said that it soon becomes pantently obvious this is a ‘Done Deal’ and I do consider the SNP are determined to impose it. Whether it is fair or Democratic we could debate till doomsday, I believe it is neither, but you cannot challenge the assumed Sovereignty of Parliaments without the resources to do so, access to Justice and all that. Democracy in the UK is based on an electoral system that allows the Political classes to assume power based on minimal voter participation and then pretend they have a mandate to govern in our interest. Then you can introduce the matter of the Ideology of the Political Parties and the can of worms that reveals. I’m sorry folks, Democratic, Fair and in your Interest it is not and never has been!

  2. This is Democracy at work. This link is to the HASC report 2000 on the effectiveness of the 1997 Handgun Prohibition. Lengthy but well worth a read:


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