Home Office Research Study 298, Gun Crime: The Market In and Use of Illegal Firearms

Home Office Research Study 298


6 responses to “Home Office Research Study 298, Gun Crime: The Market In and Use of Illegal Firearms

  1. What is significant for me is it recommends further restriction on legitimate Shotgun and Firearm owners in procuring or transfering shotgun shells and handloading to try and stop criminal activity. All that will do is drive them onto the black market with the guns and put the price up! I know its a 2006 document and it has not happened yet, but?????

  2. Personally I believe that the overwhelming majority of firearms legislation is ideologically motivated and we as supporters of firearms ownership and the shooting sports are very often sold out by those in power to further their own political career or agenda.

    Firearms education in this country is grossly one sided, where it exists at all. You only have to visit the Royal Armories to see that. We should be cultivating safe use, responsibility and respect not spreading
    misinformation to confuse and scare the public.

    • I agree yes, in the main, it is also considered a vote winner. We do have some freinds in Parliament but they are silent minority I believeM

  3. Hopefully with continued action we can garner more vocal support.

    • That’s true, the quiet and calm approach to Parliamentarians is less likely to scare them off! However if it came to and action were the only recourse left would shooters support it and take to the streets or just, as suggested in other narrative here, give up their hobbies. We might learn from the experience of the Countryside Alliance in the Fox Hunting saga, too little, too late!

  4. Definitely. The frustrating thing is that it is now the situation that the majority of people in the UK know very little about firearms and even less about existing firearms law, but during times of high emotion can quickly be rallied to a course, often against those within the shooting or hunting fraternity who just get on with their lives in peace, and go about there hobbies or work within the existing legislation.

    With the Scottish licencing consultation and recent amendments to airgun legislation in the wider UK, the shooting community have been pushed by the misguided and at times ignorant masses and their ideological shepherds that guide them too far already, and before all of our passions are eroded for good we need to unite, stand up and be counted, before as you say it will be too late.

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