Lawful Seizure?

We have today become aware of a situation on our Facebook Page which has sparked a conversation about what is, or should be required for the lawful seizure of firearms within the UK. The matter was brought to us by ‘Gundog Springer’ who told us that he had just had his guns taken off of him, without being given a reason by the police.

‘Gundog Springer’ assured us that he has not done any wrong doing, from his communications, it seems that the police are investigating a matter, which may not directly concern himself, and surely if there was suspicion of an offence requiring the confiscation there would be other protocols followed, i.e arrest, a warrant presented, etc. Firearms UK have advised ‘Gundog Springer’ to seek advice and to consider speaking with his local MP. It appears that BASC are not able to assist further until a reason for the confiscation is given, or until a meeting as been held between the police and himself.


3 responses to “Lawful Seizure?

  1. Sounds about right for BASC….

  2. Has the person concerned been cautioned by Police, if so then the measure may be precautionary. If no then what legitimate reason might there be? Do we know the nature of the enquiries by Police. Personally – would seek legal advice although costly. It would be easy to jump to conclusions here and whilst frustrating for the person without more detail we might only comment in general terms.

  3. We know nothing more at this time, with permission from ‘Gundog Springer’ we will post updates as we learn more.

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