More Guns, Less Crime


5 responses to “More Guns, Less Crime

  1. Interesting! Is it appropriate under this Defense heading to have a column on Women’s defence issues too. With 1 in 4 involved with domestic violence, Rape, sexual assault, harrassment, etc, etc. Yet like all of us Women cannot carry CS spray, or Mace, or even Pepper spray for personal defense let alone arm themselves for their own protection and that of their children. As usual you have to let the act happen to them and pick up the pieces afterwards. Is this right in modern society and where is the debate?

  2. IMO we as a society are long over due a serious discussion on self defense and related laws. I feel it is an area that many within the shooting communities and organizations have not wanted to encroach upon through the risk of drawing unwanted negative attention to their own fields.

    We haven’t yet prepared any content for the Defense section, though I will add a sub menu entry for a Women’s section, as there are lots of issues which are of specific interest to women.

    Firearms UK aim to unite and support all with an interest in firearms or shooting, so for us the subject of Defense is just one of those issues, but it is an important one, and one that is often only discussed in private with hushed voices.

  3. Is any discussion already on Facebook in this regard?

    • Not strictly, though we have touched it regarding current laws and what laws would need to be changed for defensive use of firearms to be practical. You are welcome to start a discuss on the Facebook page if you want.

  4. I am not on Facebook, or I would, sorry!

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