Shooting – The World’s most inclusive sport – perhaps?

I was wondering, what is required to take part in shooting sports?

First off some money is needed – For the formal game shoots that literal cost thousands and where some of the guns cost more than cars (and even houses) a significant budget is required. For “plinking” on your own property, an airgun and a target, probably about around £100, particularly if you go for second hand kit. Then there are a multitude of types of shooting and varying costs in between.

So who can shoot?

We know that both men and women shoot. We also know that young people under the age of 18 enjoy shooting hobbies. Clearly skin colour, race and sexual orientation doesn’t make any difference whatsoever to a person’s shooting ability. Religion? I’m not aware of any that specifically prohibit shooting sports, perhaps hunting maybe?

So, men and women of all ages can shoot regardless of colour, race, sexual orientation or religion – fantastic, but what if you have a physical impairment?

I have seen pictures of people shooting from wheelchairs, so I went on a quick hunt on the Internet for more information. I came across the Disabled Shooting Project and the examples of people enjoying shooting sports are absolutely amazing. People who I would never have thought would be physically able to shoot have been given the opportunity. There is a gentleman who is paralysed from the neck down shooting pistol and rifle. Also a young man who is blind and uses acoustic equipment to assist with the aiming of the rifle. Amazing!

So through my very quick search it looks like pretty much anyone can shoot providing they can understand and abide by the safety rules with the only restrictions being Government legislation of perhaps the only truly inclusive sport?


3 responses to “Shooting – The World’s most inclusive sport – perhaps?

  1. Very good post and absolutely correct Shooting IS an all inclusive and very safe sport for any age and ability! It is this kind of information that will carry positive weight in any discussion on UK Shooting and just the kind of message we should be constantly shouting from the rooftops!

  2. We feel the same way. Through a barrage of legislation and negative media attention, in the UK we have lost touch with how much of a safe, enjoyable and family friendly past time shooting can be.

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