Supporting Letter to Gun Shops

Today we have begun e-mailing stockists of airguns asking them to support us and sign the No to Airgun Licensing in England & Wales petition. To take this further we have drafted an example letter which we have made available as a download, and we ask that you e-mail or post this or something similar to your local gun shops and airgun stockists. We would like as many people as possible to get involved on the Facebook page and sign the petition, through this we will be in the best position to halt another potential onslaught to our rights.

Support Request Letter to Gun Shops Word Document.

Once you confirm with us that a gun shop or other airgun stockist has stood with us and signed the campaign petition, as a thank you we will provide a link to their website and recommend them on our Appreciated… Gun Shops page, which is accessible on the left hand navigation menu.


3 responses to “Supporting Letter to Gun Shops

  1. I have sent nine e-mails to Traders in my area Nottingham/Derby and will look for more when I have time. Have we also considered Wholesalers, Viking, Edgar Bros, etc and Clubs for wider distribution?

  2. I have also received this from NRA in a Newsletter- Please read:

    There is a new Petition to support via and a link on Facebook!

    The UN’s staed aim is the elimination of privately owned Firearmsin all Countries!

  3. Thank you for your support Charles. We haven’t yet considered wholesalers, but we can do now that you’ve reminded us 🙂

    I’ve been weary of the UN’s intentions via my contacts in the US for some time, but naively never considered its impact in the UK. I’ve brought this to the attention of the admin team.

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