NSPCC inform: Teenagers at risk – The safeguarding needs of young people in gangs and violent peer groups

Interesting quote in this document….”Gun possession by young people is extremely rare and is mainly limited to imitation or ‘BB’ guns.”

NSPCC inform: Teenagers at risk – The safeguarding needs of young people in gangs and violent peer groups


2 responses to “NSPCC inform: Teenagers at risk – The safeguarding needs of young people in gangs and violent peer groups

  1. reynoldsjames2013

    How can a police force effectively remove guns from gangs? Its very dificult for police to conduct searches and sieze illegal firearms from gangs without being accused of setreotyping, being ageist or racist. Further more if more legislation is required ( and i dont know in my mind wether it is or isnt ) how can we ensure that this legislation is not going to affect young people using firearms already in a safe, legal and responsible way. Its a very difficult thing to achieve, and the fact is that legislation for metropolitan area’s doesnt always benefit those outside of those area’s. Oporation trident, ( thank the gods they have been “disbanded” ) became infamous for projecting a racial stereotype on an innocent collector, mick shepheard, and used laws aimed at reducing gang culture against him at court.

  2. You pose an interesting question.

    In an adult context if Illegal Firearms are removed from the possession of Criminals, Gangs and other miscreants by the Police using whatever tools they have at their disposal, and provided they operate within the protocols laid down for their conduct then all power to them. If they receive accusations of discrimination of any kind then they again have procedures to manage them. Considering young people and the complexities of modern society I would assert there are no blanket solutions. Policing can be a blunt instrument and where young people are concerned it must tread carefully. Prevention is the better option and the Parenting / Caring, resourcing and multi agency approach are often left wanting.

    We do not need anymore legislation on firearms. We need the existing rationalised, modernised and minimised for the benefit of all. BSSC and the associated organisations get my vote on ensuring fair play for all under the present system. Firearms UK can add value to that process if it keeps its perspective.

    I am not sure about the statement of legislation and the Met, although they may have a disproportionate input on occasion that reflects the nature of the area they Police. It is perhaps not legislation but the implication and application of policy and procedure decided locally that is the influence and that is not just a Met issue; just consider the application of policy and procedure across firearms departments UK wide.

    I know nothing of the case of Mr Shepherd but one observation I would make is ‘The Police are Human like you and I’ they have the same capacity for human nature and it can be difficult to sometimes maintain faith in its goodness and objectivity.

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