Is shooting in the UK under threat?

Sign this petition! respond to this consultation, is something we are getting more and more used to hearing on the blogs, forums and in the magazines dedicated to shooting. With people petitioning left, right and centre, you’d be right to think the question I pose in the title is a no-brainer. Shooting in the UK is under threat, and unfortunately so long as we are wrongly associated with a criminal use of guns, it probably always will be.

All this noise, calling for unity, and defending our rights represents the most active of those who have recognised that the biggest threat to UK shooting is not EU law, or Tighter ownership restrictions but in fact us. Successful or not, these petitions and consultations are an opportunity for the shooting community and its supporters to let their voice as part of this community be heard, and stimulate more and more people to become active and get involved in defending their sport.

Currently we are seeing a trend of increased interest in campaigns, shown by the huge interest brought up through the recent WH smiths petition, and also the current No to air gun licensing in Scotland petition which both have seen support, unprecedented in recent times. I am proud to witness this trend, because its important to me, and it shows the recognition of thousands that its important to you.

Its your children plinking cans in the garden, its your summer evening walk-about, its your winter on the marsh, your Wednesday competition, its training your dogs for the pheasant season, its your job, its your hobby, it matters because its part of your life. The least we can do is make sure its there for our children and grand children to enjoy for years to come. The biggest threat to shooting is not speaking up when we are called to do so, luckily there is an easy answer to this; speak up, take every opportunity to defend the sport you love, it will be tedious frustrating and time consuming, shotguns, rifles, air rifles it does not matter, sign the damn petition because it might just might help us save our sport.


8 responses to “Is shooting in the UK under threat?

  1. Russell Middleton

    Is shooting in the UK under threat? You bet your life or rather the oligarchy is betting your life. Since the Russian Revolution the British Government has feared masses of people with guns. The government has taken an amazingly long view on the eventual absolute prohibition of civilian gun ownership. ALL THE WAY DOWN THE SLIPPERY SLOPE: GUN PROHIBITION IN ENGLAND AND SOME LESSONS FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES IN AMERICA by Joseph E. Olson and David B. Kopel document the first century in this quest to make ordinary citizens totally helpless. Can we stop this slide into oblivion? Only time will tell.

  2. robert sandison

    Vote UKIP they are the only party to stand up for ALL country sports .

  3. robert sandison

    Vote UKIP remember 1998.

  4. Having read the UKIP Manifesto as published it gives no mention or undertaking on the status of UK firearms legislation whatsoever. It does state that a referendum on hunting with dogs will be given and it does state that the rights of domestic anglers will be restored and protected. The Manifesto does state that it supports the ban on prosecution of those defending their property, but does not mention that firearms are a legitimate method of defense. Firearms are conspicuous by their absence.

  5. James, you make some good points!

    I agree with your last statement in the first paragraph, and would add that whilst the ownership and use of firearms can be associated with criminal activity that is only part of the issue. Firearms are associated with being inherently dangerous as if they have a sinister purpose all their own and the ability to act independently, this prejudice and perception is one perpetuated by the very vociferous anti-lobby supported by some media and reveled in by political control freaks throughout time immemorial, until this prejudice is addressed based on rational, factual education that presents an unequivocal and water tight case countering such points of view, little progress will be made. I have said before and will say again this for me is more a civil liberties and the right to self determination issue not limited to just the self defense and ownership of firearms matter.

    With regard to the petitioning I understand the rationale behind such petitions, and yes while the recent one on air gun proposals saw a significant increase in response, most calling for repeal of the various acts on firearms poll only limited response when compared to the number of firearms owners and users. This for me is again an issue of education, this time of the shooting community itself, education not to be an apologist for your existence and to not sacrifice your fellow sportsmen and women at the alter of individual disciplines, shooting is shooting, for goodness sake stand together and present a strong united front!
    I agree petitions are an opportunity to voice views and try to drive change but we need to reconcile the uncoordinated and hap hazard way that petitions are devised and presented plus the message is for me sometimes the wrong one, without restricting the right of the petitioner to do so. Something I believe Firearms UK is trying to address so spread the word.
    No politician or party is going to put their head above the parapet and declare support for shooting and firearms ownership openly, it would be political suicide, the press would go be beside themselves with glee if that happened, imagine the headlines on the Beeb? Civil liberty, self determination and trust of the people by the Government is where the argument in my view should be, establish the rights to determination and responsibility by the person and much of the other rights will become a logical conclusion not dismissed as they are today by lazy argument and the determination by authority to infantilize the arguments.

    I agree entirely with your last sentence about being proud, I too feel that way and reiterate we do nothing wrong or illegal owning and using firearms in a safe and responsible manner, and for any purpose.

  6. Russell Middleton

    Until such time as we, the noble and free inhabitants of the ‘British Isles’, record in an enduring form the Rights and Privileges bestowed on us by our creator — then those Rights and Privileges are at risk. When support for the most basic and fundamental of human rights the defence of self is considered political suicide, that Right is at extreme risk. When the media in all its various forms, with the tacit support of the oligarchy, unleash time after time, ‘witch-hunts’ worthy of the thirteenth century against lawful owners of arms, then that Right no longer exists.

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