Write Your Own Laws – The Telegraph

Firearms UK has commented on the “Write your own laws — and win prizes” article in the Telegraph.

If you could take a minute to visit the page and “recommend” our comment it would be much appreciated. It should be near the top when the filter is set to “best rating”, just look for our logo.

Our comment is as follows….

“The right for law abiding citizens to keep firearms as recognised by the Bill of Rights 1689. All current Firearms Acts to be repealed in place of a new simplified act which recognizes this right for citizens without a history of violent or persistent offending.

Emphasis on harsh punishments to be on criminal misuse and stopping the criminalization and penalization of ordinary responsible and law abiding citizens.”

Hopefully it will make some people think.

The article can be found here

Many thanks


2 responses to “Write Your Own Laws – The Telegraph

  1. guymontrose@yahoo.com

    Posted on all Libertarian Party UK sites and affiliations!


  2. That’s wonderful, thank you very much for that.

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