The Failure of Gun Control

Firearms UK meme on gun control


One response to “The Failure of Gun Control

  1. The fact is that the GCN’s most noted spokeswoman does not hesitate to tell the most downright lies—just see the BlogSpot. She asserts boldly that kids as young as 10 are licensed to carry guns on the streets! If sh’d been more discerning she’d be disappointed to find that it does no such thing. If you’re under 17 you have to with someone 21 or over. Looking at the photos she employs it will be obvious that their provenance is certainly not British. The young lad is certainly carrying a military grade weapon, but he doesn’t look as if he’s in the UK. As for the little girl, she’s unlikely to have dreams of being a mujahadah—probably thinking of her dolls!
    Most outrageous is her call for all children licensed to carry guns to be jailed to at least 10 years. This is a gross breach of the principle of habeas corpus, under which laws cannot be retrospective.

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