Airguns are not weapons…

A Firearms UK meme on why its wrong to call airguns weapons

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8 responses to “Airguns are not weapons…

  1. Airguns ARE a WEAPON in the 1950s ALL air guns had to be licensed
    and a payment of 10 Shillings was payable restrictions were in force
    regarding the use of Airguns and who could use them .In view of the fact of anyone being able to buy them I am in favour of Licensing all Air Guns Note I am aware restrictions are in force it is that minority that users the Airgun to cause injury and upset that spoil a good hobby
    by their actions… I am a Airgunner myself

  2. Vic not anyone can legally buy low powered airguns. Under the VCR Act you need to be 18 years old.

    Yes it definitely is the minority that cause the problems, should we not focus our attention on them and let the majority law abiding get on with their lives.

    You as an airgunner, presumably unlicensed, I guess have not had the inclination to do anything illegal with your airgun? A license wouldn’t change your responsible attitude. Those that would consider committing a crime with an airgun would probably not bother with getting a license anyway, why should they, better to take their chances. You, as a responsible person, would of course get a license if you were legally required to as you obey the law, or perhaps you would give up your hobby – that’s not fair is it?

    How much would you be prepared to pay for an airgun license? The Scottish Government want full cost recovery, ~£200 for an airgun license???

  3. Sean.
    Thank you for your comments but having served a long period in HM forces and been an Air gunner over 50 yrs I consider I am entitled to an opinion I was licensed in the 50s until I was shipped off to Pusan
    I must admit you have given me valid reasons why you appose Licensing Air Guns and I am fully aware of the LAW regarding them
    I have relations in the FORCE
    You mention a possible fee of £200.00 how did you arise at that figure
    understand I am not against Air gunners only what is best for all concerned Regards Vic Lowe

  4. Vic,

    Of course you are entitled to an opinion I did not mean to imply otherwise. If you picked it up that way I’m sorry.

    I too am ex forces and also been to Pusan (but for other reasons – luckily).

    The £200 figure comes from ACPO. It is the average cost of processing an SGC/FAC. The Scottish Government have indicated that a process system along the lines of a Shotgun Certificate would be appropriate for airgun licensing. If full cost recovery is required then the applicant would be required to pay the full cost of processing. However, licensing is purely in the “public interest”, so the public should pay the full cost and the license should be free to the applicant – perhaps?

    I think everyone would be for a licensing scheme if it would guarantee to stop ALL misuse of airguns. Clearly it would not, just as licensing and banning of other “real” firearms hasn’t stop “gun” crime.

    I think the idea of the meme is to raise the question of what is really a weapon. Is an airgun a weapon if used to shoot targets where no one is harmed? Is a golf club (although not shown on the image) a weapon if used to hit someone? The key thing is the individual using the item. People have been harmed/killed by other people misusing airguns, golf clubs, cars, knives, fire extinguishers, etc.



    P.S. I no longer own airguns so the licensing wouldn’t affect me.

  5. OK Sean point taken and no offence meant I understand what you say and your reason for saying it this is all about trying to do the right thing
    for those that care but in the wrong hands an Airgun becomes a weapon
    I’m sure you would agree I hope the Airgunners are succesfull and defeat the License application and continue to enjoy their hobby
    without further restrictions… it has been good to make contact with you
    my best wishe to you and our Family

  6. Vic, No offence taken at all, I didn’t think anything in what you have stated was offensive. Polite civilised discussion is how firearms legislation related issues should be resolved.

    I totally agree an airgun in the wrong hands can certainly become a weapon. However to counter that, an airgun being used for responsible and safe target shooting is not a weapon.

    Another complication with the Scottish Governments proposals is the ban on “plinking” on you own property. This in my opinion is even worse than the licensing itself and will destroy the informal and relatively cheap hobby for thousands of people.



  7. ************ The Scotish parliament or whatever, I hope the English will
    take into account common sense and the feeling of the True Airgunners in UK I don’t care what the scots do so long as the sheep we have in govenment don’t follow suit.
    Regards Vic ( PS I have a lot of friends in Scotland who feel the same
    as I )

  8. Vic we agree as well…

    You maybe interested in our Facebook page, “No To Airgun Licensing in England and Wales”, the link is:

    We also have a petition running as a pre-emptive measure, this can be signed at:

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