So, you own an airgun?

A Firearms UK meme from the "Unity Series" on Airgun Shooters

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2 responses to “So, you own an airgun?

  1. Phillip Kettle

    I have owned airguns for a most of my 60 years and I still love to go out on the farms where I have permission to shoot legal quarry. My enthusiasm is as strong as it ever was so I will be damned if my passion for the countryside and country sports is eroded by constant interference from clueless pressure groups and moronic politicians who wish to regulate or even ban shooting. The spiteful and vindictive moves by the SNP to attempt to enforce the licensing of air guns in Scotland is completely unacceptable. This must never be allowed to become law. It is a disgraceful totalitarian attempt to further restrict individual freedoms and rights. It is wrong. It must and WILL be defeated. All of you shooters who have not yet signed the petition……….get off your backsides and sign ! No excuses !

  2. We couldn’t agree more, and we will do everything we can to challenge such infringements from ever becoming law.

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