Last minute change to the Scottish General Licence

You may recall that we raised concerns about Scottish General Licences back in August and unfortunately it now seems that our fears have been realized after a last minute change by SNH to their General Licence which are to take effect from 1st January 2014.

Specifically we are concerned that the changes to the licence to include “an enabling paragraph” will be granting civil servants legal powers without evidence of a criminal offence, an approach which is too easily open to abuse.

We are in agreement with BASC regarding the consultation which as with the recent airgun consultation shows that the Scottish Government is more concerned with ticking the consultation box rather than actually going through the process in a manner that would meet even their own documented standards; by allow a minimum of 12 weeks for responses instead of only 6.

We will keep you informed of any developments, for further information please see this update from BASC.


One response to “Last minute change to the Scottish General Licence

  1. As a wildfowler, deer stalker, rough shooter, ferreter, game fisher, and occasional driven pheasant gun I totally agree with the changes to the GL that allows the privilege of the GL to be removed from areas where raptor persecution is taking place.
    It seems almost every week the papers are reporting on incidents of raptor persecution with pictures of dead golden eagles, buzzards, red kites etc. The vast majority of these incidents occur on driven grouse moors. These moors are the occasional destination of the rich and powerful to shoot grouse at £150+ per brace.
    The way I see it is that these people are putting my sport at risk. These people who can afford £1000’s on a days sport are going to see tighter and tighter regulations on shotguns and firearms and are getting more and more red tape and regulations put on legitimate predator control like snares, Larsen traps, crow cages etc.
    I doubt very much if these day trippers to the countryside would stand up for my sport and I’m damn sure if they can’t work within the law I’ll not be standing up for them.
    Ronnie Graham

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