Firearms UK is a campaigning organisation established to promote and defend firearms ownership and the shooting sports (primarily) within the UK. Our founding objectives are to encourage unity between the various sub-groups that make up the shooting community in the UK and to promote and support positive action by both organisations and members in the defence of firearms ownership and shooting.


The No to Airgun Licencing in Scotland campaign built up significant interest and motivation towards defending firearms ownership and the shooting sports. Amongst some of the most active participants in defence of Scottish airgun owners it was suggested that a new group be formed to keep up the momentum that had been achieved with a view to defend more generally firearms ownership and the wider shooting sports; not limited to airguns.

After continued discussions both on the campaign Facebook page and through private messages, Erika Sykes and David Ewing decided to commit to the idea and formed the Firearms UK ‘Admin Team’ by recruiting from the No to Airgun Licencing Facebook page supporters who were most active in the discussions surrounding the establishing of a new organisation. The website, initially hosted on WordPress.com and our Facebook page was launched on 4th March 2013.


After 10 months of managing Firearms UK informally, known as the ‘Admin Team’ it became evident that for the organisation to continue to grow and developed we needed to improve our structure and internal workings. A key component of our development was the formation of a committee and the development of formal roles and responsibilities, which took effect from 11th January 2014. The founding officers (and current) serving officers of the committee are:

  • Chair & Treasurer – E Sykes
  • Secretary & Strategy / Audit Officer – C Marston
  • Publicity Manager – David Ewing
  • IT Manager & Membership Officer – Fraser Hanson

Much of our current phase of internal development is still on going, all of which is intended to make us more efficient and better able to defend and promote firearms ownership and the shooting sports, aka “Fighting for your rights!”.

Supporting Firearms UK

Promoting and defending firearms ownership and shooting within the UK will take a long term view and continued effort, as such to get anywhere we require your support, and actively encourage a support base from as wide a demographic as possible, reflecting the diversity of those with an interest in firearms ownership.

We have always encouraged our supporters to show their support by following our website and participating on our social networks, doing so enables everyone to expand upon their own knowledge, share ideas and it helps us to build our reach.

Now we are happy to say that you can also support us financially either by sending us a donation via our PayPal button on the top right of the website or by purchasing some of our merchandise; with either method all of the proceeds go towards funding the Firearms UK organisation and the work we do in defence of firearms ownership and the shooting sports.


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