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Write To Them – Quick Guide

The Write To Them online service is really easy to use, however just in case anyone needs any help we have produced this user guide.



The Case for Lead

Countryside Alliance publication on lead shot

BASC Quarry Identification Guide 2013

BASC Quarry Identification Guide 2013


Gun Facts Version 6.2

Front cover for Gun Facts version 6.2

Forestry Commission Scotland: Deer Management on the National Forest Estate Consultation

Forest Enterprise Scotland
As an executive agency of Forestry Commission Scotland, FES is responsible for the management of the 630,000 hectare national forest estate in Scotland in a way which is sustainable for future generations and delivers multiple benefits for people today and over the long term.

FES Head Office is in Inverness, with a support office in Dumfries. There are ten Forest Districts which protect and maintain the public forest estate through planning, creating and management of woodlands.

The objective of this consultation is to get views and general feedback on the content of the draft ‘Deer Management on the National Forest Estate – Current Practices and Future Directions’

The consultation can be completed here

Scottish Natural Heritage: General Licenses

General licences permit ‘authorised persons’ to carry out actions that would otherwise be illegal. They cover certain types of activity relating to birds, such as preserving public health or air safety, and preventing the spread of disease. General licences cover situations that are regarded as relatively commonplace and where there is unlikely to be any great conservation impact.

General licences avoid the need for people to apply for individual licences for these specific circumstances. General licences are still subject to strict conditions, and abuse of them or failure to comply with the conditions could constitute an offence

GL 02/2013: To kill or take certain birds for the purpose of preventing serious damage to livestock, foodstuffs for livestock, crops, vegetables and fruit.


VCR Act 2006 Explanatory Notes

Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 Explanatory Notes