Humane Dispatch

What is Humane Dispatch?

Humane dispatch is the deliberate culling of an injured or wounded animal to avoid unnecessary suffering and to prevent the animal from causing injury to others whilst it is in distress. The act is commonly associated with deer which as been hit by traffic. In parts of the UK, nominated volunteers who have been trained and carry the necessary equipment may be called upon to carry out the act, however there is no specific limitation on who is legally permitted or responsible for humane dispatch and those who encounter this situation often, or work with deer and other animals are eligible to apply for an exemption under section 5 on the grounds of humane dispatch.

Section 5 – Firearms Act

Under Section 5 of the Firearms Act any firearm with a barrel less than 30cm or a total length of 60cm is prohibited without authorization from the defense council:

Humane dispatch is one exception to this legislation, allowing the possession and use of handguns for this reason.

Further Reading

Guide to Culling Deer Invovled in Vehicle Collisions

BASC Guide – Handguns for Humane Dispatch

British Deer Society Advise Sheet on The Use of Handguns


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